Simple Managed Forex Trading & CopyTrading

We provide profitable forex trading with proprietary AI protection.

Why use WageFX?

Invest in your future

Trusted Traders

Our traders are carefully vetted for emotional controland superior risk management.

Earn Daily

We average up to 1% profit each day. You will be able to moniter this from your phone & MyFXBook.

Compound Savings

Grow your account long-term for effective compounding. Do not join us if you want a get rich fast scheme.

Why use WageFX?

Our skills are profitable

WageFX are an experienced team engaged in fund management for companies & individuals with safe manual and AI trading.

Our AI tools open, manage and close trades on your behalf. For large investors, we’re able to work with any broker and aim for a safe consistent compound growth each month.

Verified live trading



5+ years experience

Transparent results

Profits from this week

The first rule of investing is to always ask for a track history. We don’t shy away from our profits or losses.



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Estimate how much you can earn through our managed forex trading services & copytrading.

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