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What is a managed forex account?

A managed forex account is term used when you allow someone experienced to trade on your behalf. Since the markets can be brutal to someone of little experience, this method is used to avoid the high losses that can occur due to little experience.

What is copytrading?

Copytrading utalises third-party software to duplicate our company trades to your own broker account. The software will calculate the appropiate risk management based on your balance. This is a good way to use our services when not joining via our MAM account.

What is an MAM (multi-account management) ?

MAM Accounts allow profitable traders to manage multiple trading accounts using a single terminal. MAM accounts make use of combining individual trader accounts into a large pool of managed fund that comprises of individual trader accounts as well as investor accounts.

All orders executed on the master trading account are reflected on every associated MAM account according to the parameters set by the investor. Investors also have the option of entering orders through their individual trading accounts and are free to modify MAM trades according to their preferences. The performance fee is paid to the master trader according to his performance and as a percentage of the returns.

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How much is the performance/management fee?

Our performance fee is 35% of profits obtained each month for accounts under 50k.

Accounts over 50k are charged a performance fee of 25%.

If no profit is made in the month, no profit will be deducted.

If a loss occurs, we will trade until your loss is recovered at breakeven.

Can I withdraw money at any time?

Yes, since the account is in your name, you can withdraw money at any time. 

Even when using an MAM account, you are free to leave at any point.

Our only ask is that you inform us beforehand so we can make the neccesary adjustments.

Is my investment safe?

Your investment is as safe. The broker account is in your name and we will never trade outside a risk both you and I are comfortable with as our own capital is also in the account. Rest assured, the drawdown will never go beyond 20% at any given time and we only partake in short trades which is good for managing any nerves/anxiety.

Our traders are trusted and long-vetted for any inappopiate forms of trading. We are not gamblers and this is a business.

Can I talk to someone first before investing?

Yes of course and we encourage it. Please email us at or send us a message on telegram if you wish to discuss any thing with our team.

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How much can you earn?

Estimate how much you can earn through our managed forex trading services & copytrading.

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