How it works

We trade the forex markets on your behalf in order to grow your assets & compound your wealth.

What we do

We provide the service of fund management for investors & copytrading through our experience in profitable forex trading.

Every working day, we safetly trade on various currency & indicie pairs in order to bring you a profit of up to 1% profit daily.

Our style is short-term so we aim to stay in trades for under 24 hours.

Your options

Using your own broker

For smaller investors, you can use our CopyTrading software to link and mimic WageFX trades in your own broker account. We recommend that your leverage not go under 1:200 as that is what our company master account is set to.

Our platform will automatically calculate the performance fee (35%) from your profits made at the end of each month.

CopyTrading software is reliable but we always recommend trading through our MAM account instead since CopyTrading is third party provided software.

Setup CopyTrading

MAM Account
Joining our master account

Joining our master MAM account allows us to manage your trades safely & legally under our broker guarantee that all trades will correctly execute in your account with the same leverage.

Similar to CopyTrading, we charge 35% performance fee and the broker will automatically deduct this from the profits each month.

We use the same standard risk across all managed accounts as we have spent along time ensuring our strategy's work. If an investor desires more profits (higher risk) contact our team.

Join our MAM Account

The minimum account size we reccomend is


Any currency is fine
Contact us to enquire

For both our services, we charge a 35% performance fee.
For example, if we managed £5,000 for you and earned £1,000 (20%) in one month, we receive £350 and you keep £650.

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How much can you earn?

Estimate how much you can earn through our managed forex trading services & copytrading.

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